Kick-starting the city marketing for Antwerp’s winter festivities.

Multi purpose visualisation

Commissioned by Studio Plankton, Frameboy was part of the team that was to deliver the marketing images and animations for the launch of the winter festivities for the city of Antwerp.

A photo shoot was organized, to which a 3D snow globe was added in post production. Inside the snow globe were animations and scenes typically seen during the winter in Antwerp.

Shoot by Bounce rocks and photographer Evert Thiry.

Since the visualization was to be converted into an animation, everything had to be cleverly constructed. Modular characters had to be designed with ethnicity, age and gender in mind to appeal to the widest possible audience.


In addition, several important landmarks of the city of Antwerp had to be recognizable from a distance.

Animating the scene

Once the campaign image received its final approval, we moved forward with the animation. This was used for both online and offline communication in the city center and even made an appearance on the Ferris wheel.

Client: Studio Plankton & City of Antwerp

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