Event visuals for a projection only nightclub | FTI Kortrijk

The briefing

For three evenings, an old industrial site became the Club of the Future as part of FTI in Kortrijk. A nightclub filled with 35 high-end Barco projectors, covering ceiling and stage, to deliver a futuristic and unique nightlife experience. We were tasked with providing all of the visuals for the three clubnights. A challenge that was both technical as creative.


Because of the limited timeframe, the huge resolutions and the technical challenges we chose to strengthen our team with two VJ’s. Combining our creative powers with their flexible setup and experience we created an effective sollution to conquer the nights.

This way we could merge existing video content with custom animations resulting in the biggest impact. Putting our focus on custom light effects and bespoke content for the meshes, the Vj’s were provided with the right visuals to create a magical night every night.


Besides providing content for during the DJ-sets, we worked intensely on a custom show for the electronic rockband GOOSE. In a short timeframe we delivered a unique show, specifically for this venue.

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