The idea

Four key pillars were identified to translate Shiseido’s remarkable brand essence that would shape our visual experience worthy of the brands 150th anniversary celebration.

  1. Japanese heritage, to highlight Shiseido’s roots.

  2. Scientific innovation to showcase the brand’s innovative approach to skincare science.

  3. Excellent products to demonstrate Shiseido’s leading design principles.

  4. A sensory ambience to ensure guests are immersed in a symphony of light, sound and stunning animations as they watch our show.

The show

The film opens with a medolic and moving sequence, an ode to the brand’s founder and the defining elements that have made Shiseido it is today, before moving into a fast-cut sequence highlighting the brand’s innovative and scientific identity, with fitting fast-paced music, before slowing down to showcase the award-winning products and closing the show with a celebratory finale.

Client: Bureau Béatrice for Shiseido.

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